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Generational Creation

Raising Clean Beef Following Natures Way

We are returning to our roots, literally! We were fortunate enough to be able to return to the ranch to live our dream! We do a lot of things different than conventional cattle programs. We have returned to the ways of our homesteader beginnings. We implemented regenerative agriculture practices and holistic animal health to provide you with the healthiest beef you can find while restoring our land and promoting a healthier world for all of us. Our cattle and land are managed to benefit each other.  We don’t use synthetic inputs so you can be assured you are eating beef that not only tastes good but is good for you! Our cattle are pasture raised, free of antibiotics and free of added hormones. Our female cattle receive one vaccine as required by the Department of Livestock and our male cattle are vaccine free. We don’t use pour on wormers or other chemical pesticides or insecticides. We grow and feed only non-GMO grasses and legumes grown without synthetic fertilizers or herbicides. Good beef starts with healthy soil. We manage our beef from the soil and grass roots to your dinner plate. Our beef is as natural and pure as you can get!

Heart of the Ranch

Chyan’s ranching roots run deep. He was raised on the family ranch and continues to love and care for the same land that his great grandfather worked generations before. Megan was born and raised in the Gallatin Valley and has always had a passion for natural health and animals of all kinds. She has been able to apply her holistic health knowledge to the ranch and strives to continually improve our practices. Teagan and Trague enjoy ranch work, rodeo, gardening, music, hockey and adventuring. Tace is already showing interest in horses and cattle and is doing his best to keep up with his brothers!

The History of the Homestead

Part of the Westward Expansion

Harvey and Frances Biggs first came to the Gallatin Valley which is nestled in the mountains of southwest Montana by wagon as part of the westward expansion in the 1870’s. Montana was not yet a State and Bozeman was a town still in its infancy. The two settled along Pass Creek north of present day Belgrade. In 1895, they homesteaded the Biggs Ranch where they raised 13 children. Their youngest son Ralph purchased the homestead from his parents in 1932 after spending five summers driving bus in Yellowstone National Park to earn enough money to begin ranching on his own. Surviving the Great Depression, record droughts, extreme winters and fluctuating commodities markets, Ralph was able to expand the ranch to encompass nearly 9,000 acres in his 93 years as a cattleman. Today the Biggs Ranch is still owned and operated by the Biggs family. Chyan and Megan Biggs had the opportunity to lease the ranch from his family in 2018 and Chrism Cattle Company was born.

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